Notkunst means emergency art; the word comes from German.
The brand philosophy about design and creative process is to achieve a border crossing of the poetic investigation in the flow of daily life, using as medium the creation of haute couture handbags.
By metaphor, the Notkunst bag is a first aid kit, able to bring, in case of need, relief through the administration of small quantities of art.

Notkunst applies to fashion specific languages of contemporary art to make handbags with extreme attention to quality and product excellence.
Notkunst bags pay high attention to art inquiry, as well to a cutting-edge technical research.
The design research has given a special important to the lightness in order to obtain extremely low weight bags.
Notkunst conceives bags as conceptual containers, not only wrapping objects.
Notkunst bags are soft, light, with stitching disguised.
Whole Notkunst process of design, modeling, prototyping and manufacture, is completely done in Torino, in its own atelier.
Each bag is handmade and completed by a single craftsman increasing the value of the manual manufacturing process.
By choice leathers and furs are only from animals bred to produce food.

Notkunst is an experiment by tailor shop LUMAGO, it has been conceived by Mafalda Tedesco and Silvio Valpreda, as a brand evolving on their speciality field of art-fashion.
Mafalda Tedesco, designer, worked closely for some of the best brands for bespoke tailoring, on product development and design modeling-production. She begins to produce bags bringing together the original design with a solid background in high-level tailoring.
Silvio Valpreda, visual artist and writer, coming from a long experience of industrial design in the automotive field and with a textiles background. He adds conceptual art content in the design of Notkunst bags.